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May 10 2016

Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7 and 8!

Explanation of each and every card in the deck and the way it synergies with all else

Royal Giant - It’s funny how slightly increased range made people feel that this card is overpowered now. Card is powerful but it’s easily countered. Usually played at bridge and i also support it with archers/ice wiz/spear gobs. Be familiar with what they do to counter your Royal Giant. When they play inferno tower, play your small minions before your RG.
clash royale

Elixir Collector - Usually placed behind corner. This card alone wins me 60-70% with the games as a result of elixir advantage I gain gradually start by making efficient trades with my opponent. Sometimes I participate in it in the centre to distract their RG if I feel like they might require a tower and I’m just defending using the pump.

Ice Wizard - Great for supporting the RG. Card is solid overall, can be used awesome defensively in addition to offensively. It removes small minions and it also buys me more hours to arrow/fireball minion horde or barbs as it decreases their attack speed.
clash royale guide

Minions - I’ve been utilizing them recently and that i have to admit they're an amazing card. At higher-level, opponents remember your card cycle in most cases have arrows ready in the event you play minion horde, in most cases, the minion horde gets wasted and you’re sitting with a negative 2 elixir trade. There aren’t really efficient counters to minions because of the fact that arrows is definitely an even trade, zap will not kill them and fireball is surely an inefficient trade for the opponent. And also the meta on the 3000-3500 trophy range has shifted far from golem/pekka control decks meaning I don’t absolutely need the additional chance to shred tanks.

Arrows - Self explanatory card, y’all know already how it's.

Barbarians - Ideal for coping with hog rider/zap cycle decks as zap doesn’t really affect barbs. If placed correctly they shouldn’t even allow hog rider touch your crown tower. Also effective in countering opponent’s royal giant due to the fact that fireball will not kill them (unless it really is high level when compared with your barbarians) and they always usually survive using a slither of health on your side from the map thus continuing to do injury to opponent’s RG.

Fireball - Super versatile card. Card can be used on barbs, 3 muskies, catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower etc. Sometimes very helpful at closing out close games with arrows. Also, lots of players higher play princess + minion horde. Usually I fireball the princess and their crown tower and save my arrows for minion horde. The first trade is inefficient for me personally but I’m still getting 240 damage on their own crown tower.

Spear Goblins - Solid card. Can distract prince/pekka/mini pekka. Effective in supporting the RG, especially after you’ve seen the opponent waste their zap on offence or on your own minions.

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